Grade 3 – Minor Scales

There are two types of minor scales which you will encounter in ABRSM music theory exams: Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor. At grade 2 you were given the option to choose which form of the scale you would like to use. At grade 3 you will be expected to be able to identify and create both the harmonic and melodic forms of the minor scale.

There are four videos listed on this page. The first three provide essential knowledge about the creation of minor scales and these were provided on the Grade 2 Minor Scales page. Therefore, if you’ve already watched the first three videos, you only need to watch the fourth: ‘Melodic Minors’. If you are new to minor scales then you will have to watch all four, in order to be sure that you’ve covered all of the minor scale concepts.

Minor Scales (Using the Circle of Fifths)

Minor Scales: The Basics

Harmonic Minors

Melodic Minors