All videos on this site have been created by Stephen Wiles, who is currently the Head of e‑Learning and a Teacher of Music at an independent secondary school in Sheffield, UK. He has taught in both the state and independent sector and is constantly amazed at how little time is scheduled for the study of music theory.

Clearly an important element of every musician’s toolkit, Stephen strongly believes that the study of theory should be complementary to any music studies rather than, as is often the case, tucked into the last five minutes of an instrumental lesson. Stephen started this site in order to realise a vision of taking music theory online.

By creating opportunities for accessing music theory online through use of video, Stephen hoped to make music theory more accessible and enjoyable. Stephen has produced these videos to help all students of music theory achieve, excel in and hopefully enjoy the study of music theory.

A lot of people ask Stephen about the process, software and equipment he uses to produce the videos. This has changed over time as technology has advanced and equipment has been replaced but, in a nutshell, Stephen uses a combination of illustration, music creation, audio and video processing software.

If you’d like to contact Stephen, please use the form on this page. Please be aware that due to the high number of messages received, it is not always possible to response to every single enquiry. However, please rest assured that Stephen receives and reads all messages sent through this site.