Grade 3 – Minor Scales

There are two types of minor scales which you will encounter in ABRSM music theory exams: Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor. At grade 2 you were given the option to choose which form of the scale you would like to use. At grade 3 you will be expected to be able to identify and create both the harmonic and melodic forms of the minor scale.

There are four videos listed on this page.┬áThe first three provide essential knowledge about the creation of minor scales and these were provided on the Grade 2 Minor Scales page. Therefore, if you’ve already watched the first three videos, you only need to watch the fourth: ‘Melodic Minors’. If you are new to minor scales then you will have to watch all four, in order to be sure that you’ve covered all of the┬áminor scale concepts.

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Minor Scales (Using the Circle of Fifths)

Minor Scales: The Basics

Harmonic Minors

Melodic Minors