Minor Scales

Minor Scales are the next step logical step once you’ve mastered Major Scales. Here at Music Theory Videos we recommend that you get to grips with the Circle of Fifths to help you calculate any major or minor scales. It’s a simple tool to use and, once mastered, helps you calculate every major and minor scale up to grade 8! It doesn’t matter whether you want to know how to calculateĀ a natural, harmonic or melodic minor scale – the circle of fifths is your friend every time.

If you already know how to create the Circle of Fifths then jump straight to video number 2, ‘Minor Scales: Using the Circle of Fifths’. Then again, if you fancy diving straight in and cracking on with delights of a minor scale, then feel free to start with video number 3: The Basics.

Creating the Circle of Fifths

Minor Scales (Using the Circle of Fifths)

Minor Scales: The Basics

Harmonic Minors

Melodic Minors