Grade 5 Music Theory
Grade 5 Music Theory


Testimonial 12

Finally someone who can break down transposition into simple and understandable steps. Thank you so much! I'm ready for my test now. (Transposition: Part 3)

Testimonial 11

People like you deserve Nobel prizes. You are helping to make the world a better place...These videos contain a tremendous amoung of valuable information. Well put together and easy to understand. You are awesome man. (Melodic Minor Scales)

Testimonial 10

I've been playing the piano for 30 years...I find your instruction to be one of the clearest I've ever seen of these principles of music theory. I'm going to recommend your videos to anyone I know who wants to learn music. (Key Signatures: Part 2)

Testimonial 9

Dear MusicTheoryGuy. I'll be 70 next month...I love all your lessons and the way you explain things so clearly. Thank you very much. (Key Signatures: Part 1)

Testimonial 8

MusicTheoryGuy...You are a legend. Thanks for the videos. Awesome! (MusicTheoryGuy YouTube Channel)

Testimonial 7

Thank you so much. I have been reading-up on semitones and tones yet nothing seemed to explain it simple enough for me. I then found your video and I understand. You help a lot; thanks! (Accidentals and Semitones)

Testimonial 6

Brilliant videos - so clearly explained and no corners cut (Understanding Intervals: Part 4)

Testimonial 5

These are wonderful lessons. Please keep posting them. (Melodic Minor Scales)

Testimonial 4

Wow, you've got a great talent for teaching! I have absolutely no idea how I got through to piano grade 6 in 5 years with hardly even knowing this. Your students must be very successful and lucky. Thank you SO MUCH I don't think I could have pass my exam without your help. (Minor Scales)

Testimonial 3

Thank you so much for all your videos, you are a massive help, and it's so generous of you to give so much of your time to help people you will probably never meet!  I am finding them so much easier to learn from than text. Your teaching is excellent (Understanding Intervals: Part 1)

Testimonial 2

WOW - Finally someone who knows how to explain this stuff! - (Time Signatures: Part 1)

Testimonial 1

The clearest explanation of music theory I have ever seen. Awesome simplicity in the diagrams and logically scripted.