Grade 2 – Major Scales

At grade 2 you will be expected to know about the major scales of A, Bb & Eb. Although you may continue to use the semitone and tone method which was introduced at grade 1, it is worthwhile to learn a new method; the Circle of Fifths. The Circle of Fifths is a tool which, once mastered, will allow you to calculate key signatures for all major scales – not just at grade 2, but at all grades up to grade 8 theory.

To understand how to use the Circle of Fifths you will need to watch three videos. Yes, we said “three videos!”. This may seem a lot but, as stated above, once you have mastered the circle of fifths it will allow you to calculate all major scales up to grade 8 theory.

Watch the three videos in order to ensure that you fully understand how to create, use and then build scales from the amazing Circle of Fifths.

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Creating The Circle Of Fifths

Using The Circle Of Fifths For Major Keys

Major Scales (Using The Circle Of Fifths)